Central Material Conveying System

The central material conveying system is the leading trend on industry 4.0. The CMCS is able to connect to all Flying Tiger machines for centralized control and monitor.

central-material-conveying-system auto-cleaning-vortex-cyclone three-in-one-dehumidifying-dryer honeycombo-dehumidifying-dryer


  • Flying Tiger is the world-leading supplier of complex centralized material feeding system designer. Each system is customized designed which bases on different customer demands, The system is like a tailor-made suit for every superhero.
  • The central conveying system is able to fit any individual factory with less labor cost and high computer engineering intelligent with a cost-saving and short payback period investment.
  • A wide selection of different products can be connected and cooperated together with our industry 4.0 system. Flying Tiger can integrate a complex individual system into a smart, fool-proof, user-friendly continuous operating centralized system, which is easy to use and operate on a single touch screen.
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