Dehumidifying Dryers are designed to eliminate moisture in the plastic material before processing.

Flying Tiger has developed diversified products for individual customers in different industries. Professional custom designed for total turnkey solutions.

The Dehumidifying Dryer & Crystallizer Series of Flying Tiger has as wide model series, which include Insulated & Dust-Free Hopper Dryer, Infrared Rotary Dryer, Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer, Honeycomb Dehumidifying Dryer, Two Tower Dehumidifying Dryer, and Three-In-One Dehumidifying Dryer.

Especially our Three-In-One Dehumidifying Dryer combined a hopper dryer, loading system, and a dehumidifier. All models are aesthetic, functional, and compact. With PLC and HMI smart control design, it can not only show the status clearly but also easy operation.

All the equipment have multiple high safety design for operators to have a safe working environment.

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