Infrared Rotary Dryer for Advanced PET Processing

Experience the next generation of PET processing with the Infrared Rotary Dryer. Designed for businesses grappling with high energy costs, prolonged processing times, and inconsistent quality, our cutting-edge solution is here to revolutionize your operations.


Helix design for continues feeding , movement and mixing material.

Temperature Sensor

Direct and fast respond for actual material temperature detection.

Vacuum Air

Evacuation of humid air and volatiles.

Key Features of the Infrared Rotary Dryer

1.Sustainable Energy Efficiency: Reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%, aligning with green operational standards. This is a significant improvement over the 10-15% savings seen with conventional drying methods.

2.Rapid Processing: Decrease your processing time by half, completing tasks in roughly 2 hours. Traditional dryers typically take 4-6 hours, making our solution far more efficient.

3.Consistent Quality: Benefit from uniform thermal distribution, simultaneous crystallization, and drying. This ensures unparalleled quality across all production batches.

4.Versatile Material Processing: Expertly handle a diverse range of plastic materials, from PET to polypropylene and more.

When compared to standard drying techniques, the Infrared Rotary Dryer clearly offers superior performance and efficiency.


Innovative Infrared Technology

Move beyond traditional hot air transfer methods. Our Infrared Rotary Dryer leverages advanced infrared technology to guarantee uniform heating of both internal and external particles, delivering precise and consistent thermal distribution.


Applications Across Industries

The Infrared Rotary Dryer isn't just for one application. Its versatility shines across multiple sectors:

PET Preform Molding 

PET preform molding shapes of bottles and containers. The Infrared Rotary Dryer's precise temperature control ensures optimal molding conditions, reducing defects and enhancing clarity. This efficiency boost reduces wastage, accelerates production, and guarantees high-quality preforms, pivotal for the final product's strength and finish.

PET Extrusion

PET extrusion forms continuous profiles like sheets. The Infrared Rotary Dryer provides uniform heating for consistent crystallization, preventing warping. Efficient drying ensures moisture-free PET, crucial for maintaining material integrity. This results in industry-standard, high-quality extruded products, ready for diverse applications.


The automotive sector requires durable, consistent components. Plastics, especially PET, are integral. The Infrared Rotary Dryer ensures consistent quality in high-volume settings. Its precision reduces defects and production halts, offering a steady supply of top-tier components, and meeting the rigorous demands of modern vehicle assembly.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics utilize durable plastics for longevity. Proper crystallization, ensured by the Infrared Rotary Dryer, is vital for daily wear resistance. Advanced heating technology optimizes the crystalline structure of plastics, enhancing device durability. This ensures electronics remain functional and aesthetically appealing for extended periods.


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