Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer

The Vacuum Dehumidifying Dryer is designed to meet the "green dry" idea of dehumidifier for plastic materials.
The vacuum dehumidifying dryer takes much shorter time on drying plastic pellets.
It's the most efficient, and energy-saving dryer amount plastic granules dryers for hygroscopic materials.


The vacuum chamber can address vacuum degree below 1 Torr, for fast and efficient drying.

Nitrogen Insert

Pre-heating hopper and storage tank can be insert of Nitrogen.


PLC controls the accurate amount and time of pre-heating and vacuum drying, ensure the best and efficient time of drying.


  • The material preheating system uses hot air recycling and insulation designed to meet the" green dry" idea.
  • Vacuum dehumidification system uses the design of vacuum degree below 1 Torr. Water evaporation temperature can be reduced to below room temperature, and be able to achieve rapid drying purposes.
  • Material conveying system with vacuum dehumidification system share the same power source.
  • Lead drying time has shortened more than half than adsorption dehumidifying system.
  • Energy saving compared to adsorption dehumidifying system has saving more than 30% of the electricity demand.
  • Equipped with Heaterless Dryer in the Buffer tank for preventing material moisture again.
  • PLC and colorful human-machine screen for simple operating and monitoring easily.

KVD Comparison & Energy Comsumption Analysis


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