Dosing Calculator / Dosing Blender is to mix production formula automatically, to increase production efficiency.

Flying Tiger provides high-quality dosing blenders to make the materials blend and mix perfectly, helping customers to reach more reliable and accurate results.

Advanced dosing calculators are usually regarded as important engineering solutions. Flying Tiger’s Dosing & Blender Series include Loss-In-Weight Dosing Blender Series, Volumetric Dosing Blender Series (Volumetric Dosing Calculator), and Gravimetric Dosing Blender Series. The dosing method uses double cone gates and servo motors.

The dosing control is more accurate, which can ensure the stability and uniformity of the mixing ratio, and accurately quantitatively mix.

Make the work of changing and cleaning materials handier, without manual pre-mixing and matching, avoiding waste, saving working hours, and storage space.

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