Gravimetric Dosing Blender

Flying Tiger gravimetric dosing blender (gravimetric blender) embodies innovations that increase the efficiency of production, feature improved design, high-performance components, and twin cone gates designed for perfectly dosing weight control.
Not only can Flying Tiger gravimetric blender have a precisely dosing amount but also equipped with a unique design batch blender to mix up to 8 materials.

Cone Gate

Multiple cone gate design for fast and accurate dosing design.Dosing stating can be expended up-to 8 stations.


A small mixer to ensure complete mixing of the materials.


PLC control for easy programing for individual customer. Gravimetric control increases dosing accuracy to 99.9%.


  • Simultaneous coloring automatically for saving working hours and storage space.
  • The twin cones gates are designed to control the batch dosing weight of raw material exactly.
  • Vertical mixer design without residual material for material changeover easily.
  • Equipped with colorful human-machine screen and PLC controller, also it can built-in material conveying system for monitoring operational status easily.
  • All the dosing stations are equipped with material shortage alarm and they will stop to wait material supply automatically if any dosing station is lack of material.


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